What Is Vastu Shastra And Who Is Vastu Consultant?

What Is Vastu Shastra And Who Is Vastu Consultant?

Who is Vastu Consultant or do you know anything about Vastu Shastra? If your answer is No then let’s start with what is Vastu shastra?

Vastu shastra is an ancient architect methodology. Ancient Sages and Rishis created Vastu Shastra for the welfare of humans. 

So, basically, it defines the principles of architecture by combining all five elements of the universe, i.e. Water, Fire, Earth, Air, and Space. Its wisdom allows us to get benefits of mental peace, health, wealth, etc, and make our life happy. 

Importance Of Vastu Shastra

vastu sashtra

However, Building a house is a one-time effort but what if that house is not built according to Vastu Shastra and it brings sickness and sorrow? 

As I have noted building a house according to Vastu Shastra has many benefits. Here are some listed below:

  • Bring Peace: Comparatively a house built according to Vastu Shastra brings peace and calmness to one’s life. 
  • Maximize positivity: So, Vastu shastra balances five elements of the universe. Waves transiting in a direction have a precise effect and maximize positivity. 
  • Happy life: Indeed Vastu Shastra integrates energy from the elements of “Panch Tatva” to introduce success and peace into one’s life.
  • Increase progress: Vastu shastra is not only used for building houses moreover it is also used in constructing offices, buildings, and so on. 

If a house, building, or office is built accordingly to Vastu Shastra they extract power from nature which leads to progress. 

  • Free from illness and suffering: In short Vastu Shastra helps in keeping all the negative energy away from the house and they prevent illness and suffering. 

Summing up here is some information about Vastu of the Main Entrance Gate that you should be aware of.

importantce of main door
  1. According to Vastu shastra, The doorway to a mansion is not only where the family enters, but also where the energy centers. 
  1. The main door to your house should be of superior quality wood. It should be bigger than the other doors and should look more appealing. 
  1. Avoid the opening of the main entrance in anti-clock directions. According to Vastu Shastra, it switches the gush of energy. 
  2. The main door should always be in the north, north-east, east, or west as eventually these directions are considered auspicious. 

Who Is Vastu Consultant?


Vastu experts recommend some specific placement and positional fundamentals that contribute to creating positive energy in all areas of the structure.

In other words, Vastu advisers help their clients in constructing a house or business space where they can acquire the support of all five elements and preserve the counterbalance between them, which is needed for a secure and effective life.

How Ewen Realtors Can Be Your Vastu Consultant?

significant direction by consultant

As we have understood that Vastu Shastra is equally important while building a house, offices, buildings,s and so on.

Indeed Ewen Realtors offers Vastu consultants to assist you in making your home the happiest and most prosperous place in the world to live. 

Therefore they have the best, most qualified, and most experienced Vatu consultant to assist you in leading a progressive life and transforming your home into a living paradise. Learn more 



Vastu Shastra is ancient mythology that draws power from ‘The Panch Tatva” that helps in making your commercial and residential mansion into paradise. 

Vastu Shastra is very important. It helps in making our life peaceful, progressive, and disease-free, it also maximizes positivity by drawing power from “The Panch Tatva” i.e five elements of the universe ( Air, Water, Earth, Fire, and Space).

It also enhances happiness and prosperity which leads to a harmonious life. 

Ewen Realtors provide Vastu consultants who guide their clients to build their houses, office, buildings, etc in a particular direction which helps in maintaining the balance between Water, Fire, Space, Earth, and Air. 

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