Property Legal Services

Ewen Realtors specializes in providing effective Property Legal Services to clients. The Property Legal Services provided by us include Property Documentation, Property Law Services, and Property Litigation.

Our operation extends to the entire Uttarakhand region. Our legal experts are well versed with all property laws, legal rules and regulations regarding property deals, etc. they can effectively guide the clients in the right direction. With their help clients can ensure that their decisions regarding property buying and selling etc are in compliance with the legal laws.

At Ewen Realtors, our experts also provide effective guidance and help to clients in the documentation process related to property deals. Being experienced real estate professionals, we ensure fairness and transparency in all our assignments. With the Property Legal Services provided by us, clients can have a hassle-free reality experience.

Real estate regulations regulate the buying and selling of real estate, including land and structures built on it. It also deals with legal issues related to items such as equipment and institutions related to assets and structures

The legal property services provided by Ewen Realtors ensure that proper measures are taken while the acquisition or sale of the property. They may also be concerned about how a property adapts to a change in use. Acts, property taxes, estate planning, development control, and titles are all covered by Ewen Realtors’ legal property service.

Real estate can be residential or commercial. It can be held by one person but rented out to another.

Land which can be bought and sold, and since it is so valuable, there are numerous local laws in place to ensure that real estate transactions are executed properly and documented.

It can be passed down from one generation to the next through estate planning, or it can be held by multiple people.

Key Points To Remember Before Buying Property

Property Legal Services

Precautions you must take before buying any property to prevent fraud. 

  1. Before signing any contract, go through all the documentation.
  1. Look out for the land use permit.
  1. Verify construction approval certificate before acquiring any property ( RERA). 
  1. Check the occupancy certificate.
  1. Check all tax payment receipts before purchasing any property.

Laws You Should Know Before Buying Property

Ewen Realtors Property Legal Services

State and local governments have laws regarding the uses of land; for example, each plot of land must acquire in accordance with local zoning laws, and landowners may not harm the environment. Here are some laws mentioned below that you should know before buying any property. 

  1. The Transfer Of Property Act, 1882

The Transfer of Property Act 1882 is an Indian law that controls property transfers in India. It includes specific provisions defining what constitutes a transfer and the conditions that must be met. It come into effect on July 1, 1882.

The Act defines “transfer of property” as “any act by which a person transmits property to one or more persons, or to himself and one or more other persons.” The act of transmitting can take place now or in the future.

The person can be an individual, a company or an association, or a group of individuals, and any type of property, including immovable property, can be transferred.

Property should be transferred by a qualified person:

For a valid transfer, the party must be of stable mind, not intoxicated, a major, or not a person disqualified by law from signing a contract of transfer of property with another person.

There are 137 Sections in The Transfer Act, 1882

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  1. The Indian Contract Act, 1872 

The Indian Contract Act of 1872 establishes the legal framework that governs contracts in India. It applies to all Indian states from 2019, Jammu and Kashmir Reorganization Act. It come into effect on September 1, 1872, and it has 266 sections.

The Indian Contract Act of 1872 illustrates a contract as “a legally binding agreement.” An agreement is a two-party settlement that contains commitments or promises that both parties must fulfill. It refers to a contract when such an agreement is made legally enforceable.

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  1. The Indian Registration Act,1908 

The Registration Act of 1908 was enacted to ensure the registration of documents and the preservation of all important information especially concerning transactions involving land or other immovable property. Having a document registered can increase the document’s integrity.

Learn more about The Indian Registration Act, 1908.

  1. Real Estate Regulatory Authority ( RERA) 

The Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act of 2016 established the Real Estate Regulatory Authority to protect home buyers and enhance real estate investments.

RERA generally focuses on security, transparency, fairness, quality, and authorization to respect the transaction of real estate 

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Services Provided By Ewen Realtors

  1. Property verification: Before our client signs the contract, Ewen realtors thoroughly verify every document of the property.
  1. Property registration: Ewen Realtors take the responsibilities of property registration (RERA) off from the client’s shoulders. 
  1. Cost friendly: Ewen Realtors provides the best service at the lowest possible price.