Govt. Bans Outsiders to Purchase Land in Uttarakhand

Govt banned outsiders to buy land in Uttarakhand

People from other states can no longer buy land in Uttarakhand due to a ban on the purchase of agricultural and horticulture land by “outsiders.”

On the instructions of Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami, the decision has been taken in the interest of the public and states that till the five-member drafting committee constituted by the Uttarakhand government for a detailed examination of the report submitted by the committee on land laws or till further orders.

District magistrates (DMs) will not permit outsiders to purchase land for agriculture and horticulture,” an official release by the state government.

The government will continuously work by the sentiments of the people, which is paramount in the interest of the state,” it further said.

The Uttarakhand government, under Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami’s directive, has imposed a ban on the purchase of agricultural and horticultural land by outsiders which means people from other states. 

This decision, aimed at safeguarding the interests of the public, will remain in effect until the five-member drafting committee thoroughly examines the report on land laws or until further notice. 

District magistrates are instructed not to authorise outsiders to purchase such lands during this period.

Who still can buy Agriculture or Horticulture Land in Uttarakhand?

According to the amendment made in 2004 in Section 154 of the Uttar Pradesh Zamindari Abolition and Land Reforms Act, 1950), individuals who don’t hold immovable property in the state before September 12, 2003, can purchase land for agriculture and horticulture with the permission of district magistrate.

Mega Rally on Mool-Niwas Bhoo-Kanoon Samvanya Sangharsh Samiti 

Bhoo kanoon to buy land in uttarakhand

On December 24, a mega rally was organised under the support of “Mool-Niwas Bhoo-Kanoon Samvanya Sangharsh Samiti” in Dehradun on 1 January 2024 in support of the declaration of 1950 as domicile cutoff date and stricter land laws in the state on the lines of Himachal Pradesh.

“In urban areas, a limit to purchase up to 250 sq metres should be implemented. And there should be a complete ban on land purchases in rural areas. 

Non-farmers should not be allowed to purchase agricultural land. No one from outside should be allowed to purchase land in hilly districts,” said Mohit Dimri, convenor of “Mool-Niwas Bhoo-Kanoon Samvanya Sangharsh Samiti”.

He said it was necessary to introduce these measures to ensure that natives have the first right to resources of the state – jal (water), jungle (forests), jameen (land) – and will ensure employment for the locals. 

Demands Raised by Locals

In 2017, former chief minister Trivendra Rawat lifted all restrictions to attract investments in hilly areas by making amendments to the 1950 Act.

In fact, the land purchase limit was raised from 12.5 acres to 30 acres for work related to

tourism, energy, industry, agriculture and horticulture.

In municipal areas, though, there are no such restrictions for people of other states. Locals,

however, are now demanding that the power to buy land even in municipal areas be curtailed to 250 sqm and that there should be a complete ban on the sale of land in rural areas. 

Other demands include the issuance of domicile certificates, 800 jobs to locals in industrial units and making public the details of land given on lease since the formation of the state in the year 2000.

Does Outsiders can still Buy Land in Uttarakhand?

Can you still buy land in Uttarakhand?

Yes, Outsiders can still buy residential land in Uttarakhand. The govt. has banned agriculture and horticulture land in Uttarakhand. 

People can still have a chance to buy land in heaven i.e. Uttarakhand. They can buy up to 250 sq. meters or 300 sq. yards. 

So before it’s too late, buy land in Uttarakhand today because it’s a situation of Now or Never. 

Best Option to Buy Land in Uttarakhand

Best option to buy land in uttarakhand

“The Ewen Park” is one of the most in-demand residential projects in Uttarakhand, India. They have land, plots, and villas for sale. 

The demand for residential projects has increased drastically since the law. 

This township is being built by Ewen Realtors in Ranikhet, Uttarakhand also famous as Queen’s Meadow as it is one of the most beautiful hill stations in Uttarakhand. 

Ranikhet is also famous for some popular tourist destinations like the Upat Golf Course, Kumaon Regiment Museum, Chaubatia Garden, and many more.

Apart from this Ranikhet is also connected to 17 different hill stations within 100 kilometres so you can explore them too.

Now let me tell you about the township Ewen Realtors is working on. 

“The Ewen Park” is designed thoughtfully for anyone willing to spend more time with nature and its best creation and wants to add more time to their life.

“The Ewen Park” is the township which seeks to restore the ideal balance between man and nature, between life and living. 

Key Features of “The Ewen Park”

The-Ewen-Park-by-Ewen-Realtors (best land to buy in Uttarakhand)
  1. Nature-Centric Design: The project focuses on providing residents with an environment where they can connect with nature. The thoughtful design incorporates green spaces, landscaping, and a serene atmosphere.
  2. Ideal Location: Ranikhet is not only known for its beauty but also for its accessibility to 17 different hill stations within 100 kilometres. This allows residents to explore and enjoy the surrounding areas.
  3. Residential Options: “The Ewen Park” offers a variety of residential options, including land, plots, and villas for sale. The diverse choices cater to different preferences and needs of potential buyers.
  4. Quality Construction: Ewen Realtors, the developer behind the project, is committed to delivering high-quality construction. This ensures that residents can enjoy a comfortable and durable living environment.
  5. Thoughtful Planning: The township is designed to create a harmonious living space where residents can experience the best of both worlds – the tranquillity of nature and the convenience of modern amenities.

Potential buyers are encouraged to consider “The Ewen Park” as an investment option in Uttarakhand, especially in light of the recent restrictions on agricultural and horticultural land purchases.

The demand for residential projects in the area has reportedly increased, making this development an attractive prospect for those looking to invest in property in the scenic hills of Uttarakhand.


The Uttarakhand government, led by Chief Minister Pushkar Singh Dhami, has banned the purchase of agricultural and horticultural land by individuals from other states.

This decision will remain in effect until a committee completes a detailed examination of land laws or until further notice. The restrictions do not apply to those who meet certain criteria set in a 2004 amendment.

Locals are demanding stricter land laws, setting a domicile cutoff date, and limiting land purchases in urban and rural areas.

Despite the ban on agricultural land, outsiders can still buy residential land up to 250 sq meters.

The blog announces “The Ewen Park,” a residential project by Ewen Realtors in Ranikhet, Uttarakhand, as a favourable investment option in light of increased demand.

To know more about this project visit our website.

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