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Ewen Realtors offers the most beautiful and modern way of living at your dream location. Wake up every day with a view of the Himalayas and spend your days away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

Enjoy the most pleasant weather. Make your day count by exploring nature, witnessing the soulful views. Feel alive, feel yourself let your imagination flow with a fresh breeze, Allow yourself to experience the most relaxed form of life. 

Ewen Realtors is working on creating an elite township in the village of Babur Khola, 17 kilometers from Ranikhet, nestled in the arms of nature, or in a natural paradise. The Ewen Park, The Ewen Village, and The Ewen Studio are all ongoing projects.   

Our Projects

Nowadays, we all wish to have a second home where we can spend our vacations peacefully, adore nature’s offerings, respire fresh air, and can spend some time alone to soothe our imaginations.

If you love to explore or go on adventures, you can spend every day discovering the wonders of nature by living in mountains. 

Ewen Park – Royal Villas
The Ewen Park – Royal Villas

It is 5 kilometers from Majkhali in the village of Babur Khola. It is the best option for Residential purposes.

The Ewen Village
The Ewen Park – Royal Avenue

It lies near Babur Khola in Dwarsu. Here, we offer you both: Residential as well as Commercial types of cottages and villas.

The Ewen Studio
The Ewen Park – Village Paradise

It is also built near Babur Khola in Galli Basyura. And yes, you are provided with the Residential and Commercial Cottages and Villas.


Ewen Realtors are providing all the essentials as well as luxurious amenities. We are here to make your stay worthwhile and valuable by presenting facilities to make your life more pleasant and comfortable. To know more check out the amenities mentioned above.

Ewen Realtors Maintenance

On Site Maintenance

We offer on-site maintenance for a better and smoother life in the mountains.

Gym & Spa

Gym & Spa

Gym with qualified trainers and spa with well-versed staff because we care for you.

24/7 Water, Gas & Electricity

24/7 Water & Electricity

All three factors can affect our peaceful time. We provide water and electricity facilities 24 hours a day.

Wi-fi & Mobile Network

Wi-fi & Mobile Network

To make your stay more convenient, we provide full mobile network service and Wi-Fi.

Entry UHF Based

Entry – UHF based

Where to park your vehicle can be an issue. We take care of all your concerns by providing you with a personal parking space.

Ewen Realtors Amenities

Much More…

Security (CCTV, Guards, etc.), Yoga, Sports, Temple, Party Hall, Club House For Senior citizens, Cinema Hall, etc.

Reasons To Relocate to Uttarakhand


Uttarakhand is a state in northern India. It is well-known as “Devbhumi,” which means “Land of God,” and serves as a tourist hotspot with numerous temples spread across the states. 

It is also known for its natural beauty, breathtaking scenery, divine rivers, temples, and other attractions. With 13 districts, The state of Uttarakhand is split into two regions: Garhwal and Kumaon. The indigenous people of the state are known as Pahadi.

It has a total land area of 534,933 km2, of which 86 percent is mountainous and 65 percent is forested. The state’s northernmost region is famous for its high Himalayan peaks and glaciers.

Ranikhet, also known as Queen’s Meadow, is one of Uttarakhand’s most well-known hill stations. Ranikhet is found at an elevation of 1,869 meters (6,132 feet) above sea level, with views of the western Himalayan peaks. 

It experiences the most pleasant weather from March to November and glorious snowfall from December to February. The charm of Ranikhet is the spectacular views of the Himalayas. It also has 13 tourist attractions, with Ashiyana Park and Rani Jheel being the most popular tourist attractions and picnic spots in Ranikhet. 

Himalaya View

Ranikhet is universally acknowledged for the temples situated there. The most famous temples of Ranikhet are Gandhi Kuti and Golu Devta. Some renowned shrines include Mankameshwar, Haidakhan Temple, Jhoola Devi, and Ram Mandir.

Ranikhet is also home to a diverse range of flora and fauna. Ranikhet has a dense forest inhabited by pine, oak, and deodar, exotic plants such as saffron, and wildlife such as leopards, monkeys, pine martens, Himalayan langur, rabbits, deer, and more.

The Chaubatia Garden is 10 kilometers away from Ranikhet and is renowned for its diverse Himalayan flora. It is also well famous for its apple orchards, as well as plantations of peaches, apricots, chestnuts, and almonds.

It also offers breathtaking views of the snowcapped Himalayas and other views like Nanda Devi, Gandhi Kuti where Mahatma Gandhi stayed in a hut. 

Upat Golf course Ranikhet is lain 5 kilometers from Ranikhet and is Asia’s highest golf course. Ranikhet’s golf course has nine prime holes, making it the town’s main attraction.

Majkhali is found 12 kilometers from Ranikhet. It is the most adored picnic spot on the Ranikhet-Allmorah road, and it is well-known for its Goddess Kali temple. It has a spectacular view of Mount Trishul. This location is ideal for those who appreciate nature and seek solitude.

The village of Babur Khola is found 5 kilometers from Majkhali and 17 kilometers from Ranikhet. It lies in the Almorah district’s Dwarahat block. The village is reminiscent of the Scottish countryside.

Being able to smell the fresh air and disconnect from the news and your phone – there’s nothing like living in mountains.


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