What Is NATO And Its Role In Ukraine-Russia War?

What Is NATO And Its Role In Ukraine-Russia War

NATO is trending with Ukraine-Russia war but do you know what is NATO? Why it is trending and what role does it play in the Ukraine-Russia war? 

In this article, we are going to give you a brief detail on NATO and Ukraine-Russia war. Where India stands in this conflicts what are its view and much more. 

So without any further delay let’s know what is NATO and how it emerged? 

What Is NATO?


NATO( North Atlantic Treaty Organization) is the western alliance formed in 1949 with 12 states to support the USA.

The Eastern bloc created the Warsaw Pact to support the Soviet Union in 1955 in an effort to confront NATO.

How NATO Emerged?

USA and USSR both followed different ideologies which created a vast difference between both the countries. 

When the USA dropped bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki on Japan which leads to the end of World War 2. This decision was favored and criticized.

This leads to rising of two new supreme power USA and the Soviet Union at a global level with the ability to dominate any event on earth.   

Both the supreme power ended up having Cold War because of the “logic of deterrence” which means both have enough power to answer the attack but they know it will cause massive destruction to the countries and can cause them a great price both politically as well as human life.

Now USA and USSR wanted to make a sphere in a different part of the world and took support from smaller countries for support and spying on rivals with a promise to give protection, resources, weapons, and economic aid. 

The first division took place between Western European countries who favored the USA came to existence as a western alliance. 

The Eastern European countries preferred USSR and came to be known as Eastern alliance countries. 

The western alliance formed NATO in 1949 and the eastern alliance formed the Warsaw pact in 1955.

NOTE-  The hegemony of the USA started after the disintegration of the USSR as it left only supreme power on the global stage. 

What Is The Purpose Of NATO?

The purpose of NATO was to protect the North Atlantic area and work together. The principle of NATO is an attack on any ally country will be taken as an attack on all. 

The main purpose of NATO was to ensure freedom and security to their members as newly independent countries feared they might lose their countries’ freedom. 

How Many Countries Are In NATO?

NATO countries

The original NATO members include 12 countries UK, France, Germany, Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Italy, Norway, Denmark, Netherlands, and Luxembourg.

But now NATO is consist of 30 other countries including Greece, Turkey, Spain, and others. You can find out names of all countries from Wikipedia.

What Is NAM?


NAM ( Non-aligned movement) was created by 5 countries India, Yugoslavia, Egypt, Ghana, and Indonesia for countries that do not want to join or support any supreme group or wanted to become neutral.

The principle of NAM is to resolve conflicts and rivalries between countries and to promote global peace.

India worked as a mediator between both the supreme powers and also helps in maintaining a balance between two powerful countries. 

Is There Any Role Of NATO In The Ukraine-Russia War?

Yes, the main reason for the conflict of Ukraine- Russia war is NATO. Ukraine wants to become part of NATO and Russia is against it. Let me briefly share with you the reasons why Ukraine and Russia are fighting.

Let me let you know why both countries are fighting.

Why Are Russia And Ukraine Fighting?

why are Russia Ukraine fighting

Russia and Ukraine are fighting due to many significant reasons:

  • The emergence of this conflict began in 2014 when Russia annexed Crimea from Ukraine. 
  • In 2021-2022 this conflict has taken a change when NATO offered Ukraine to become part of NATO.
  • Crimea, part of Ukraine internationally, is under Russian control. If it becomes part of NATO then it might ask Creamia back from military actions. 
  • The main motive of the invasion is to get a guarantee from the western alliance that Ukraine will remain neutral and does not become part of NATO.
  • If Ukraine joins NATO, it can become a big threat to Russia and they share borders and the supreme body (USA) will be really close to them. 

What Is The Role Of India In The Russia-Ukraine War?

As a part of NAM, India has managed to be neutral and even now it does not stand or support any country. It does not blame any side for the tension growing between both countries. 

India sees both USA and Russia as allies and does not want to interfere or support either side as it can cause huge diplomatic complications in trading and defense. 

How Russia-Ukraine War Is Affecting India?

Role of India in Russia Ukraine war

Ukraine- Russian war is affecting India in many ways due to the following reasons:

  • India exports 65-70% of its military hardware from Russia.
  • Around 19000 students and nationals live near the Ukraine-Russia border and, many students are studying in Ukraine medical college. It is a major concern of the security of civilians. 
  • The Ukraine-Russia War affects the stock market of India. The exchange rate may also be affected if the Russia-Ukraine war continues, as the rupee may depreciate even further. The impact of the exchange rate will also increase India’s total trade spending.  
  • The price of crude oil is also increasing and may also shoot up if the Russian-Ukraine war continues. 
  • Inflation will increase in the country. The price of food items may also rise up.



The most trending topic in 2022 is the Ukraine-Russia war and the interference of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization). 

Ukraine was first of Russia then it gained its independence. In 2014 Russia annexed Crimea, Ukrainian land, and this started the dispute among the countries. 

Ukraine wants to become part of NATO and Russia is opposing this decision because it will become the biggest threat to the country. 

This all Ukraine-Russia war is also affecting the economy of many countries including India.

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