What do We think About Ukraine- Russia, And NATO?

What Ewen Realtors Thinks About Ukraine, Russia And NATO

Ukraine-Russia as you all have heard about it, Russia has settled its more than 30,000 troops on Ukraine’s border. The situation is so critical and serious in these two countries.

So in this article, we are going to cover all this. We are going to cover especially how it all started, what are the major reasons, and what are our reviews in this war.

Without wasting a couple of minutes, let’s go through the complete and detailed article.

How It All Started? Major Reasons For Why Russia And Ukraine Are Fighting?

major reasons for Ukraine-Russia war

The Ukraine-Russia war has taken place since February 2014. The tension grew more in 2021-2022 when Russia started planning for an invasion of Ukraine.

As the Crimea and some parts of Donbas, they are internationally part of Ukraine are under Russia and they feared if Ukraine become part of NATO then it will take them back. 

According to Wikipedia, “The war has centered on the status of Crimea and parts of the Donbas, which are internationally recognized as part of Ukraine.

Tensions between both the countries erupted especially from 2021 to 2022, when it became apparent that Russia was considering launching a military invasion of Ukraine.

In February 2022, the crisis deepened with diplomatic talks with Russia failing and escalated as Russia moved forces into the separatist-controlled regions on 22 February 2022.

On 24 February, Russia conducted a full-scale invasion of Ukraine.”

Major Reasons For Why Russia And Ukraine Are Fighting?

Furthermore here we have mentioned all the major reasons for which this war is happening, and what are the demands and promises that Russia wants from them.

  • The very first and the major reason is that Ukraine wants to join NATO but Russia doesn’t want Ukraine to become an ally of the USA.  
  • The major concern of Russia is that Ukraine and Russia share borders which can become a threat to Russia if Ukraine becomes part of NATO as the USA can easily spy on them. 
  • Crimea is under Russia but it is internationally recognized as part of Ukraine. Russia fears if Ukraine signs a treaty with NATO then it might ask Crimea back. 
  • However, NATO is very supportive of their allies, and if they experience any kind of external threat from any country they support them very well.
  • As NATO is a group of big countries like the UK, France, Germany, and 30 other countries and their main motive is that if any ally gets threatened then all will attack them together and Russia fears that Ukraine can take over Cremia by military action. 
  • Specifically, after the descent of the Soviet Union, Russia has lost control over 14 countries including Ukraine and others. 
  • The main motive of the invasion by Russia is to get a guarantee from the West that Ukraine will not become part of NATO and become neutral as the NATO is spreading its allies near the Russian border.  

What Do We Think About Ukraine-Russia War?

effects of Ukraine-Russia war

As far as we have seen and being part of NAM we think the Ukraine-Russia war should not happen as it can cost many lives, blood, and political cost. 

This can lead to World War 3 which we do not want in the upcoming year as a developing country, World War 3 will cost every country a lot. 

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Will the Ukraine-Russia war take effect on India and their businesses?

As we know, In any case, India does not support any country as it is a founder of NAM (Non-Alleged Movement). So its main motive is to resolve conflicts and disputes and maintain international peace. 

So it is clear that India is far away from all of these and yes, both the countries will not affect India and its businesses.

What do you think about this situation and what are your reviews about it? Let us know with your comments below.



The Ukraine-Russian war was started in February 2014 but now the dispute has taken serious change and Russia which has the second-largest military has settled its troop on Ukraine’s borders for invasion. 

The main reason for this conflict is Ukraine wants to become part of NATO and Russia does not want Ukraine to do that so as it can become the biggest threat to the country.

So we conclude that this war should not happen as it will cost many innocent lives just because of the disputes between the two countries.

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