Township In The Mountain: A New Way Of Living

Township In The Mountains A New Way Of Living In Uttarakhand copy

Looking for the township in the mountain? Do you want to live in the mountains or are you dreaming about living close to nature?

If yes then we have an unmissable opportunity for you to relocate to the mountains and live a peaceful and harmonious life in 2022. 

The global pandemic has shaken up the world when the whole world was shut inside their home which made us realize that having a vacation or second home is necessary. 

Many people resided in mountains and did work from home there which increased the demand for property in mountains. 

Uttarakhand famous as the “Land of Gods” is becoming a favorite destination place for city dwellers to dwell in the hill stations of Uttarakhand.

Introducing Township In The Mountain: “The Ewen Park”

home in mountian

Introducing “The Ewen Park” an elite class township in the mountain by Ewen Realtors in Queen’s Meadow Uttarakhand. 

A township in the mountain with three different locations with three different phases in Ranikhet Uttarakhand.

Phase 1 “The Ewen Park”- Royal Villas

Township phase 2 - Royal villas

Phase 1 is in Baburkhola near Ranikhet and it is under construction. Baburkhola resembles the Scottish countryside and is famous for various tourist destinations nearby. 

The place has a serene environment and has many breathtaking views like clear vistas of the Himalayas, a panorama of Almora dazzling at night, and a morning view where all the clouds come down to give you a morning kiss. 

This township is consist of plots,  villas, and cottages for residential goals with all the extravagant amenities. 

Phase 2 “The Ewen Park”- Royal Avenue 

Township phase 2 - Royal avenue

“The Ewen Park”- Royal Avenue is under construction in Dwarsu near Baburkhola Ranikhet. This place is enriched with dense greenery. 

Phase 2 is encircled by the thick vegetation of oak, deodar, and pine trees with a picturesque of the Himalayan ranges like Nanda Devi, Trishul Complex, and other peaks. 

Royal Avenue consists of plots, villas, cottages, and studio villas for sale for both commercial and residential objectives. 

Phase 1 (Royal Villas) and Phase 2 ( Royal Avenue) will connect through a direct road and both are going to be gated societies. 

Phase 3 “The Ewen Park”- Hill Village

Township phase 3 - Hill Village

The place where phase 3 is under edifice is famous for its natural habitat with luxuriant foliage and tranquil environment.

This township is a whole different phase with villas, cottages, and studio villas based on a village theme with modern infrastructure. 

Know about the township “The Ewen Park”

Life In “The Ewen Park” A Township in the mountains

“The Ewen Park” A Township in the mountains

The Ewen Park (a township in the mountain) promotes a healthy lifestyle while living in nature. It ensures that your neighbor is nature.

 Ewen Realtors is combining modernity and nature’s best creation for creating a new way of living close to nature where you will feel alive.

Your home will be in the heart of the meadow. Your dream home or second home or vacation home in the lap of nature. 

Living in “The Ewen Park” will be the best experience you will ever get. A city dweller will fall in love with the grandeur of this place for sure. 

All the locations of the phases have tranquil environments with amazing vistas to release all your tension. 

Life in the township is thriving when you live with the best gifts of God. They help you in recovering from anything like health issues, stress, psychological imbalance, etc from its essence. 

Mountains are the home of nature. Nature is the finest teacher which teaches us the most valuable lesson of our lives which we lack in cities.  



Having a vacation home or second home has become important since the global pandemic shook up the world and locked everybody inside their homes. 

The hill stations of Uttarakhand are becoming a popular choice for city dwellers to dwell in the “Land of Gods.”

The Ewen Park is an exclusive mountain township by Ewen Realtors in Queen’s Meadow, Uttarakhand with three different phases. 

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