Stamp Duty In Uttarakhand 2023

Stamp Duty In Uttarakhand 2022

Stamp duty and registration fees in Uttarakhand are an important and necessary part of any property transaction.

It ensures that the property transaction is properly recorded in government records to prevent any kind of fraud and loopholes.

Uttarakhand is becoming a popular destination for people who want to relocate to the mountains.

When a property is sold or purchased in Uttarakhand, the buyer must pay a fixed amount to the Uttarakhand government as stamp duty and registration fees.

Therefore, it should be noted that the required stamp duty in Uttarakhand must be paid within a certain time frame. However, if it is not paid within the specified time frame, the State government imposes a penalty by the rules.

Uttarakhand Stamp Duty And Registration Fees

Firstly let me first tell you what exactly stamp duty means

Whenever a property changes hands (i.e. when the seller transfers the property to the buyer) the government assesses stamp duty. 

As a percentage of the total transaction value, it is usually depicted as a percentage. Stamp duty varies from state to stateIn Uttarakhand, stamp duty for males is 5% and for females is 3.7%.

Furthermore, the Uttarakhand government imposes a 2% registration fee instead of most states, which charge one percent.

So, all the property buyers in Uttarakhand are required to pay a registration fee of 2% of the property value, regardless of their gender.

Therefore charges in Uttarakhand is different for male and female and registration fees is the same for all genders

Indeed let’s check out the charges in Uttarakhand for different applicants:

ApplicantsStamp Duty In UttarakhandRegistration Charge In Uttarakhand
Male Applicants5%2%
Female Applicants3.75%2%
Joint Applicant ( Male + Female)4.37%2%
Male + Male Applicants5%2%
Female + female Applicants3.7%2%
Source: Department of Stamps and Registration, Uttarakhand

Example for better understanding

Stamp duty and registration charge

Firstly let me explain it to you with an example of how to calculate stamp duty and registration fee in Uttarakhand.

Let us assume that Jyoti, a female buyer from Delhi, invested Rs 35 lakhs in a property in Uttarakhand. Stamp duty on Rs 50 lakhs will be 3.75 % and registration fees for the property will be 2%.

Thus, Jyoti’s total liability will be:

Stamp duty= Rs 1,31,250

Registration fees= Rs 70 thousand

Total= Rs 2,01,250

In Ranikhet, Manu bought a property worth Rs 35 lakhs. The stamp duty on 35 lakhs of his property is 5%, and the registration charge is 2%.

So, the total liability of Abhishek is, therefore:

Stamp duty = Rs 1.75 lakhs

Registration charge = Rs 70 thousand

Total= Rs 2.45 lakhs

In Uttarakhand, How Can I Calculate The Registration And Stamp charges?

Customers in Uttarakhand can compute stamp duty and registration fees online at To determine, you must go to the home page and click the ‘E-valuation’ tab, then deliver personal and property-related details. 

How To pay Registration Fee and Stamp charges In Uttarakhand?

Furthermore, after a property transaction is finished, the buyer must pay the tax imposed by the government using the procedures listed below.

You can pay the following charges while the transfer of the property in the following ways in Uttarakhand.

Online Method

Online payment of stamp and registration fees in Uttarakhand saves customers a terrific deal of time.

Meanwhile one can pay stamp and registration charges in Uttarakhand online at

On the left (markedly) click the ‘E-payment’ tab after logging into the stamp and registration portal.


When a real estate transaction is done in Uttarakhand, stamp duty and registration fees are payable through Franking.

Thus, this is a way for the state government to collect stamp duty and registration fees through authorized centers.

So, as part of its Franking initiative, the government of Uttarakhand has authorized certain e-stamp vendors, banking institutions, post office branches, and Citizen Service Centers to collect the charge and registration fees.

However, in this process, the charge is collected and verified using a Franking machine.



Stamp duty and registration charges in Uttarakhand are important aspects to complete and register a property deal in Uttarakhand.

In Uttarakhand, it is compulsory to deposit stamp charges and registration charges within the time frame so that the property transaction is properly registered and ownership disputes/legal hassles at a later stage can be avoided.

For more read out the above article carefully, it contains important information regarding real estate.

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