Real Estate Black Friday Deals 2023 – Get Up To 5% Off

Real Estate Black Friday Deals- Get Up To 5% Off

Black Friday is the largest shopping day of the year just after Thanksgiving around the world. All the big companies and retailers offer bumper discounts on their products.

During this holiday season, people spend money and it creates a boom among buyers and sellers as well. So what if your real estate business can also grow on this Black Friday Sale 2023?

People look out for houses, vacation homes, holiday homes, etc on Black Friday to grab the best deals it becomes a great opportunity to buy or sell homes.  

Ewen Realtors is a real estate company in Uttarakhand India that is going to offer great real estate deals in India in 2023 on this day. Want to know more? So let’s start.

What Ewen Realtors Is Offering In The Black Friday Sale?

Black Friday

Ewen Realtors are offering up to a 5% discount on premium property in Ranikhet Uttarakhand on Black Friday 2023.

They are developing an elite class township near Ranikhet with a unique development in a vibrant location with spectacular views of the Himalayan ranges like Nanda Devi, Nanda Kot, Trishul Complex, and so on. 

The township is also surrounded by lush greenery where the modern architecture is blended seamlessly with nature. This premium township offers everything you need to live a perfect life. 

The name of the township is “The Ewen Park” and it has three phases in three different locations near Ranikhet. 

On this day, you are going to get a great deal on land, villas, cottages, and studio villas in the premium location. 

Apart from this, the township is fully furnished with extravagant amenities. Enjoy the plethora of amenities including basic to top-notch amenities that you will need to make your life gratifying.  

How To Avail a 5% Discount On Real Estate? 

Black Friday- Limited time offer

Do you want to know how you can avail 5% bumper discount on the premium properties offered by Ewen Realtors? 

Read the instruction given below to avail deal:

First Method To Avail 5% off discount on Real estate

  • Visit our website 
  • Click on the pre-book button 
  • Pre-booking form will appear 
  • Fill out the form carefully 
  • Submit it, our team will reach out soon. 

Note: The pre-booking amount is refundable if you didn’t visit our site within 15 days.

Second Method To Avail 5% off discount on Real estate

  • Go to our website
  • On the top of the website click on contacts
  • The contact form will appear
  • Fill out the form and our team will reverse it as soon as possible. 
Contact us form

What Is The Black Friday?

During the 1980s, Black Friday became known as a national big bargain day after it was created by retail marketers after World War II. Several online stores offered deals on this day.

The Day After Thanksgiving is not an official holiday in California and other states, but some states mark it as a holiday for state employees in preference to another nationwide holiday, such as Columbus Day. 

The fact that many non-retail employees and schools have Thanksgiving and the weekend following it off makes it a four-day weekend, increasing the number of potential shoppers.

It marks the beginning of the holiday shopping season for the majority of US shoppers. November’s fourth Thursday is known as Black Friday. 

Around the world, It is the largest shopping day of the year it starts just after Thanksgiving. According to USA time zones, this sale falls on 25 November in 2023.



 Worldwide, Black Friday is the biggest shopping day of the year, just after Thanksgiving. It is a great opportunity to buy or sell homes since people lookout for houses, vacation homes, holiday homes, etc.    

On this day Ewen Realtors are giving a big discount on premium properties in Ranikhet Uttarakhand. Greenery surrounds the township, where modern architecture blends seamlessly with nature. It offers everything you need to live a happy, comfortable life.

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