Flat 5% Discount- Property For Sale In The Mountains

Flat 5% Discount- Property For Sale In The Mountains

Ewen Realtors is proposing a flat 5% discount on the premium property in the Queen hills of Uttarakhand on Holi valid till 31st March. The property which is on sale is freehold land in the mountains. 

The corporate is giving you an unmissable opportunity to buy property in the mountains so that you can live in luxury and serenity while living in nature.

To be honest living close to nature in mountains is mostly the dream of many, to have a dream home where we can live peacefully away from the city.

Do you want to know more about the discount? Do you want to know where the property is located and so on?

So let’s know more and dive right in. 

Where The Property Is Located?

Property which is on discount is located near Ranikhet in Majkhali Uttarakhand. The property is in “The Ewen Park

“The Ewen Park” is an elite class township being built and developed by Ewen Realtors. They are working on creating a modern lifestyle with the creation of nature.

As we all know we lack a quality lifestyle in cities and we all crave for living near nature, explore it, extract all the benefits and live a life where a tree remains a tree in the world of streaming technology. 

How To Avail The Holi Discount On Premium Property?

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Do you want to know how you can avail of the Holi discount on the premium property offered by Ewen Realtors? So let me tell you, you can avail it in very easy ways let me brief you.

1. Go to our website and then go to contact us, a form will appear, fill out the form and our team will reach you soon. 

2. You can also directly call us. Go to the website and the contact number is mentioned just simply click on it. Your call will be dialed automatically. 

More About The Ewen Park- Premium Property On discount

The Ewen Park - premium property

“The Ewen Park” has three different locations, three different themes, and three phases. The first location is Baburkhola consisting of villas and cottages named “The Ewen Park-Royal Woods

The second location is Dwarsu. It will have more than 7 phases and the first phase is named “The Ewen Park- Royal Avenue” It consists of villas, cottages, and studio villas. 

And the last location is Galli Basyura. This township is named “The Ewen Park- Hill Village ”. It consists of villas, cottages, and studio villas based on a village theme with modern infrastructure. 

Everything in the universe has its pros and cons so to make your life easy and efficient to help you conquer all the cons of living in the mountains, Ewen Realtors are furnishing townships with all kinds of amenities ranging from basic to necessary

Amenities include:

  • 24/7 supply of water and electricity with power backup
  • Cafe and dining service open 24/7
  • Security like CCTV and guard
  • UHF-based entry (smart entry)
  • Road connectivity 
  • Network and Wifi facility 
  • Outdoor and indoor sports
  • Gym and spa
  • Parking space
  • Space for yoga

And much more to be added like a mini-golf course, club and so on. 



Ewen Realtors is offering a flat 5% discount on the premium property in Uttarakhand’s Queen Hills. Freehold land is up for sale in the mountains.

The discount property is available near Ranikhet in Majkhali, Uttarakhand. This property is in “The Ewen Park.”

In the world of streaming technology, a tree remains a tree even when we live in a city where we lack a quality lifestyle. We all want to live closer to nature, explore it, and reap all its benefits. 

If you want to avail 5% discount given by Ewen Realtors on the property then you can contact us through email, and fill out the form, by call. All the things are available on our website. 

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