Best Cottages And Villas To Buy In Ranikhet In 2023

Best Cottages And Villas To Buy In Ranikhet

The Queen’s Meadow – Ranikhet is the perfect place to spend a weekend or to live a serene life. Though it is widely popular for its calmness, beauty, and for its spectacular views. 

Ranikhet gives a perfect panorama of the glorious Himalayas. Every visitor is driven to the location because of its fascinating scenic scenery, lush green meadows, and various species of flora, and fauna. 

The place is not only famous for its various tourist attractions but it is also famous for its spiritual and patriotic essence. Ranikhet has the Upat golf course amid the Himalayan mountains. It is Asia’s highest golf course, with 9 holes. 

Chaubatia garden with plantation of juicy fruits like apples, peaches, plums, and apricots. Many Temples like Ram Mandir, Mankameshwar Temple, Katarmal Temple, Jhula Devi Temple, and so on. For patriotic sentiment, one can visit Kumaon Regiment Centre Museum. 

Majkhali is 12 kilometers from Ranikhet. It is famous for the Goddess Kali Temple. It also has a diversified range of flora and fauna. 

Ewen Realtors are building an elite-class township near Ranikhet. The township is in a serene environment, has many breathtaking views, a delightful climate, and so on.

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Ewen Realtors’ Cottages And Villas in Ranikhet

Cottage of Ewen Realtors

Ewen Realtors is presenting you with the opportunity to buy property in the mountains. They do not only offer real estate but also offer well-furnished and luxurious villas and cottages for sale in the mountains.

The Project “The Ewen Park” has land, villas, and cottages for sale for residential purposes. Ewen Realtors are not only providing villas and cottages for sale they are also providing all the high-class amenities in the mountains. 

The cottages of “The Ewen Park” consist of modern infrastructure with semi wooden work and have an RCC or Steel frame structure that is earthquake-prone. All the cottages of “The Ewen Park” have a clear sight of the glorious Himalayas

The cottage has its firepit inside it, Attic which is fully wooden (can be customized by the owner by making it a kids playroom, study room, library, etc), powder room, dining hall, and modular kitchen. 

The cottage is consist of three bedrooms each bedroom has its bathroom and it has two balconies that show a clear panorama of ‘The Himalayas’ 

It also has a place at the back of the cottage for bonfires or barbeques and a place for personal gardening as well.  

The Ewen Park” cottages are developed to ensure your investment in the mountains is worthwhile. They provide a luxurious way of life while living in the mountains.

Ewen Realtors is not only working on building luxurious cottages they are also providing all the luxuries to make your life easy and peaceful. 

Location Of Villas And Cottages 

Now you are wondering where “The Ewen Park” lavish cottages and villas are? 

“The Ewen Park” is at Baburkhola village which is 5 kilometers from Majkhali and 17 kilometers from Ranikhet. The map of our location is shown below: 

Map Of Our Location – Ranikhet

Here is the map of our location below:



Ranikhet is the popular hill station of Uttarakhand for its serene environments, panoramic and breathtaking views, It has numerous tourist spots and attractions. 

Majkhali is also a beautiful town 12 kilometers from Ranikhet and is famous for the Temple of Goddess Kali. Baburkhola village which corresponds to the Scottish countryside is 5 kilometers from Majkhali. 

Ewen Realtors is working on providing you with grand villas and cottages for sale in mountains under the project name “The Ewen Park” and it is at Baburkhola village, 5 kilometers from Majkhali and 17 Kilometers from Ranikhet.

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