Apartment Vs Independent House: Which One to choose?

Apartment Vs Independent House

We often get confused about whether to choose apartments or an independent house. We all want beautiful homes to reside in. Investing in your ideal home in the never-ending race of acquiring the best can be challenging. 

In a world of endless change and streaming technology, where cities are getting crowded and polluted we are all struggling to find a perfect home for ourselves. 

In this article, you will get clear what to choose an apartment or an independent house, and why.

What Do You Mean By An Apartment And An Independent House?

Eventually, today’s generation wants privacy followed by a global pandemic we all are becoming more concerned about privacy. So, let’s begin with understanding the concept of an apartment and an independent house. 

What Is An Apartment? 

What Is An Apartment? 

Apartments are residential spaces in a building sustained by the owner or management. It also has modern amenities and is the most common type of home in metro cities like Mumbai, Bengaluru, Delhi, Pune, and so on. 

What Is An Independent House? 

What Is An Independent House? 

An independent house is a house that is built on a piece of land. They are often used for residential as well as for earning purposes ( leased/rent out). 

However, it can be made according to the preference of the owner. Also, an independent house can be passed to the offspring of the owner. 

Major Differences Between Independent House And Apartments 

Here are some differences between an independent house and an apartment in the below table. 

Independent HouseApartments
Control over design and architecture No control over design and architecture.
They are spacious.Limited space.
They are better for long-term investment. Limited ownership.
Possibility of expanding.Can’t expand an apartment.
Healthy surroundings.Apartments are highly populated.
Tons of privacy.Privacy is limited. 

Problem Faced While Living In An Independent House 

Problem Faced While Living In An Independent House 

Independent house owner faces many problems. Apart from its advantages, there are many disadvantages of living in an independent house which are as follows: 

1. Location: Usually independent houses are located out of cities away from all the facilities. 

2. Difficulty in maintenance: Most people face problems in maintenance. Owners have to do it themselves and as they are far from facilities this gives an independent a  major drawback. 

3. Less security: Comparing an independent house to an apartment, we can say apartments have more security than an independent house. Apartments have 24/7 security like CCTV, guards, etc but an independent house doesn’t have security. 

4. Amenities: Apartments have amenities and an independent house has to provide all the amenities itself.  

5. Finance: You may not get easily approved for home finance for an independent house. 

How does Ewen Realtors Overcome The Problem Faced While Living In An Independent House?

how does Ewen Realtors Overcome The Problem Faced While Living In An Independent House?

Ewen Realtors are serving its purpose since 2011. They are making an elite-class township at Baburkhola village near Ranikhet. They are furnishing independent houses for residential goals. 

Therefore, to make your dream come true of owning an independent house, Ewen Realtors comes up with an amazing opportunity they are providing luxurious villas and cottages in the most serene environment and with a view of the glorious Himalayas

Ewen Realtors are providing all the services so that you can spend your life with ease. They also promise to make your home finance process easy so that you can get the best deals and quick loans.

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They are also delivering all the amenities while living in peace and harmony. They have taken care of all the problems one can face while living in an independent house. 

Amenities delivered by Ewen Realtors: 

  • Maintenance services 
  • 24/7 supply of water and electricity
  • Eco-friendly service
  • Activities like sports, yoga, gym, etc
  • Cafeteria 
  • UHF based entrance 
  • Parking and so on  

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Buying a home in the modern world can be a challenging task. We often get confused about where to invest our hard-earned money. What to buy an independent house or an apartment? 

Regardless, An apartment is a residential place in a building and independent land is built on a piece of land according to the preference of the owner. 

There are many merits and demerits of living in an apartment or in an independent house. But we all want to live in a dream house that is spacious and beautiful. 

Ewen Realtors covers all the problems faced while living in an independent house. They are providing all the world-class amenities with a serene environment and with a view of the glorious Himalayas. 

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